∇-Nabla: Numerical Analysis BAsed LAnguage

∇-Nabla: Numerical Analysis BAsed LAnguage

nablaLulesh-512.png pnnnt-512.png nablaSethi-512.png monai-512.png nablaDDFV-512.png nablaMNLDDFV-512.png nablaCoMD-512.png nablaSPH-512.png

∇ Presentation

The ∇ domain-specific language (DSL) provides a productive development way for exascale HPC technologies, flexible enough to be competitive in terms of performances.

This software is a computer program whose purpose is to translate specific numerical-analysis sources and generate optimized code for different targets and architectures.

Latest News

<2015-02-18 Wed> Prototype #150218 released

This is the first release, with ∇ Lulesh as the main example. The ∇ compiler can generate sources from ∇ LULESH to three different backends:

  • Arcane: our CEA's middleware,
  • Cuda,
  • Okina: a C/C++ stand-alone fully vectorized backend for standard compilers with OpenMP, Cilk+ or MPC.

Several other tests are given as examples:

  • CoMD: a ∇ port of the 'Molecular Dynamics Proxy Applications Suite', one of many proxy applications that support of the ExMatEx Co-Design Center;
  • Implicit schemes: Heat, DDFV (Discret Dual Finite Volume scheme), MNLDDFV (Monotone Non-Linear Finite Volume Method for Approximating Diffusion Operators on General Meshes), Schrodinger;
  • Explicit hydro schemes: Glace (3D), Sethi (2D), M(icro)Hydro, S(imple)Hhydro;
  • Other grammatical tests: GAD, Fermat, Nahea.


  • <2017-05-29 Mon> New Monai valley test
  • <2017-02-27 Mon> SIAM CSE 2017, Atlanta
  • <2017-02-02 Thu> New Pennant test
  • <2017-02-01 Wed> New Legion/Regent backend
  • <2016-11-21 Mon> ∇ update meeting @ LLNL
  • <2016-11-13 Sun> SC16.4CBlackRedTextOutlinescaled.png, Salt Lake city
  • <2016-05-18 Wed> New RAJA backend
  • <2016-04-12 Tue> SIAM PP16 Parallel Processing 2016, Paris
  • <2016-04-08 Fri> New OKINA AVX512 SIMD backend
  • <2016-04-04 Mon> New Kokkos backend
  • <2016-03-14 Mon> Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP16), Barcelona
  • <2015-06-01 Mon> Added ∇'s paper in the Publications section
  • <2015-04-17 Fri> Updated the Publications section with EASC15 slides
  • <2015-03-10 Tue> Updated the Publications section with SIAM CSE15 slides
  • For a brief description of ∇'s features, you can look at the Overview or the Publications sections
  • <2015-02-18 Wed> First prototype #150218 out